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PRIME has two parts. In Part 1, WIDA PRIME V2 Trained Correlators complete an inventory of the materials being reviewed, including information about the publisher, the materials’ intended purpose, and the intended audience.

In Part 2, these Correlators answer a series of yes/no questions about the presence of the criteria in the materials. They also provide justification to support “yes” responses. If additional explanations for “No” answers are relevant to readers’ understanding of the materials, Correlators may also include that in their justification. Part 2 is divided into four steps which correspond to each of the four elements being inventoried.

The WIDA PRIME V2 inventory is comprised of 11 criteria and includes questions associated with each criterion. Review sections of the inventory are divided into the following categories:

  1. Performance Definitions
  2. English or Spanish Language Development Standards
  3. Levels of English or Spanish Language Proficiency
  4. Strands of Model Performance Indicators

The WIDA PRIME V2 inventory is used to create a WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation. A list of completed WIDA PRIME V2 Correlations can be found under Instructional Materials. Teachers and publishers may also use the inventory as guiding questions when reviewing instructional materials for ELLs.

PRIME Inventory

The WIDA PRIME V2 Inventory (doc)

Using the WIDA PRIME V2 Inventory

Teachers may use the WIDA PRIME V2 criteria and related questions to help guide their review of instructional materials.