PRIME V2 Trained Correlator


WIDA PRIME V2 Correlations

WIDA PRIME V2 Correlations are correlation documents that have been created according to WIDA's methodology by using the WIDA PRIME V2 inventory. This process of conducting a correlation ensures that a WIDA PRIME V2 Trained Correlator examined the materials looking for all of the essential elements of language development that are represented in the WIDA Standards.

WIDA PRIME V2 Correlations include a seal on the top right corner of the cover of the document. The seal promotes easy recognition of the correlations and verifies which materials have undergone a review by WIDA PRIME V2 Trained Correlators. Completed WIDA PRIME V2 correlations are posted to the WIDA PRIME V2 Instructional Materials page, and have undergone a secondary WIDA screening prior to posting.