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The WIDA PRIME V2 Correlator training was developed to offer greater understanding of the WIDA Standards and the criteria WIDA has included in its correlation methodology. Correlation documents completed using the WIDA PRIME V2 correlation tool provide a common language for publishers, sales representatives, and ELL teachers.

Primary Purposes

  1. To assist educators in making informed decisions on the selection of instructional materials for language education programs.
  2. To inform publishers and correlators on the aspects of the WIDA Standards Framework and its applicability to the development of instructional materials.                                                                                             

Primary Audience

  1. Publishers and correlators responsible for ensuring their instructional materials address language development as defined by the WIDA English and Spanish Language Development Standards
  2. District administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher educators responsible for selecting instructional materials inclusive of or targeted to language learners

WIDA has a unique perspective on how to conceptualize and use language development standards. We welcome the opportunity to work with both publishers and educators. We hope that in using this inventory, publishers and educators will gain a keener insight into the facets involved in the language development of language learners, both in the U.S. and internationally, as they pertain to products.