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The “Frequently Asked Questions” document is intended to provide general information to states, districts, and individuals selecting instructional materials for ELLs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

What is a PRIME V2 Correlation?
The PRIME V2 Correlation is the document created using WIDA's methodology and the PRIME V2 inventory. This process of conducting a correlation enables trained correlators to examine materials looking for evidence of the essential elements of language development that are represented in the WIDA English Language Development Standards or Spanish Language Development Standards.

What information is included in a PRIME V2 Correlation?
The PRIME V2 inventory is organized into four categories. Each category focuses on 11 specific criteria or elements of the WIDA Standards. Information provided from the PRIME V2 review of material(s) includes:

  1. Performance Definitions
  2. English or Spanish Language Development Standards
  3. Levels of English or Spanish Language Proficiency
  4. Strands of Model Performance Indicators

How can the PRIME V2 Correlation be used to select materials to use in school programs serving English language learners (ELLs)?
Administrators and teachers can use the document to help determine whether the materials under review meet the identified needs of their district or school program. Teachers looking to address certain grades, domains, standards, or proficiency levels will find that information, as well as explanations and page number examples for each of the included criteria.

Does WIDA endorse or recommend any materials?
WIDA does not endorse any set of materials. Because ELL teachers and specialists work with a range of students and in environments that may include pull-out classes, stand-alone classes, or a combination thereof, the needs of educators and their students vary widely. Through the PRIME V2 inventory and PRIME V2 Correlations, WIDA seeks to provide teachers, states, and districts with information that will allow them to make informed decisions about whether specific materials designed for English language learners will meet their needs.

What information should administrators and/or teachers consider when selecting materials for use in their programs serving English or Spanish language learners?
Administrators and teachers reviewing materials for possible adoption and use in their programs serving ELLs can use the information and justification answers provided in the PRIME V2 Correlation document to assist them in making informed decisions about the materials they are reviewing.

When making decisions about adopting instructional materials, schools and districts should consider how this information matches the needs of their students or programs. Some guiding questions to consider could include:

  1. What type of program serving English and/or Spanish language learners is offered in my district/school?
  2. What are the identified needs or targeted areas of focus for the English language learners in my district/school based on ACCESS for ELLs data and other identified information?
  3. Based on the PRIME V2 Correlation document for the materials under review, do these materials address the targeted needs of my district/state program for English or Spanish language learners?
  4. Do I need materials that focus on developing a specific domain (listening, speaking, reading, or writing) or are my program needs more holistic?
  5. What is the focus of instruction (domain and/or content) for my English or Spanish language learners at each grade level?
  6. Do I need core instructional materials for my ESL/Bilingual program in my district/school?
  7. Do I need supplemental materials to use in my ESL/Bilingual program that support core instruction in my district/school?

Who can use the PRIME V2 inventory to create PRIME V2 Correlations?
Trained correlators may use the PRIME V2 inventory to analyze the representation of the WIDA Standards in instructional materials that are designed for (or may be used with) English or Spanish language learners. Teachers trained on the WIDA Standards and criteria of the PRIME V2 inventory may also use the inventory to review materials without creating a correlation.

What types of materials can be reviewed using the PRIME V2 inventory?
Publishers and correlators can use the PRIME V2 inventory to analyze any instructional materials or supplemental materials designed for English or Spanish language learners. The types of materials vary and may include core or supplemental texts, DVDs, software, or online programs.

Is it important or helpful to select materials for use in my district or school English Language Learner program that have undergone a PRIME V2 review?
To support the educational needs of English language learners, and Spanish language learners (if applicable), programs must address developing academic language and content skills/ knowledge simultaneously during classroom instruction. This is accomplished through intentional differentiation and scaffolded instruction in the classroom. By selecting materials that have undergone a PRIME V2 review resulting in a PRIME V2 Correlation, the district, state, or individual will have information (evidence and justification) about the degree of representation of the categories or elements of the WIDA Standards found in those materials. Materials that have not undergone a PRIME V2 review may also serve the needs of individual programs but those programs should be reviewed to determine how they represent the standards or other criteria deemed important by the district or state.

How do I know which instructional materials have undergone a PRIME V2 review?
Materials that have been reviewed by WIDA trained correlators are listed on this website under 'Instructional Materials.' Publishers that state their materials correlate to WIDA Standards should have available a PRIME V2 Correlation, which includes a WIDA seal in the top right side of the document. Any material that is not listed on our website has not been reviewed by WIDA or WIDA trained correlators.

How can I learn more about how instructional materials address or include elements of the WIDA Standards?
The completed PRIME V2 Correlations on this website include an overview section that lists information about the materials, followed by a checklist and examples of how the materials address key components of the standards. We are doing outreach with WIDA member states and teachers should contact their states or WIDA for more information about professional development on using the PRIME V2 criteria and PRIME V2 Correlations to select instructional materials.

Printable PRIME V2 overview